VLT® Soft Start MCD 500 


Effectively protect motors while saving energy- A comprehensive solution for soft starting and stopping of three-phrase asynchronous motors that increases up-time and reduces maintenance requirements. 

Supply voltages and power range

  • 3 x 200-690 V…7.5-850/2400* kW (1600 A)

*Inside delta connection

  • 24 V DC or 110-240 V AC

Features and benefits

  • Easy connectivity for the soft starter to EtherNet/IP-based networks, such as Rockwell PLC systems
  • Programming is quick and easy thanks to three menu systems (Quick Menu, Application Setup and Main Menu), a four-line graphical display and a logic keypad
  • The best starting and stopping profile for the application is chosen using Adaptive Acceleration Control
  • Motors can be used to their full potential without risk of damage from overloading due to second-order thermal model
  • Installation costs are lower and there is less stress on the motor thanks to DC injection braking distributed evenly over three phases
  • Space can be saved, cabling costs reduced and retrofitting made easier as a result of adjustable bus bars which allow for both top and bottom entry





Danfoss Drives Product Overview Brochure 



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