Hitachi Products at KYAE Automation Singapore

KYAE Automation is privileged to be appointed as Hitachi Authorised Master Dealer for their investor for factory automation and general industry. HVAC application in building automation as well.

Established since 1907, Hitachi has engaged in a wide variety of businesses, including the motor business, which is in its 100th year since foundation, along with social/daily life infrastructure and other businesses involved in industrial electrical equipment, such as factory automation/control system, wind/water system, pneumatic system, power distribution, environmental systems, and labor-saving system.

With environmental issues, such as global warming, becoming more and more urgent, the company has been researching energy efficiency and green energy to improve the global environmental, and is developing related equipment and systems while refining technologies, by applying developed products to the company’s own plants.


SJ series Type P1
Frequency Inverters


WJ200N series
High-Torque & User-friendly

Accessible to all functions with High Performance Drive
sj700n 2 models edited
Easy Control, Powerful Performance