Superior control performance & network 

Dual rating inverter for VT/CT application. Capable of driving IM/PM motors with integrated braking circuit.

Features & Benefits

  • High starting torque and dramatically improved speed stability with advanced sensorless vector control
  • Reduces Wave velocity when operating at 0.5 HZ
  • Identify parameters of permanent magnet synchronous motor & asynchronous motor automatically and switches between these two applications
  • Quick stop function stop quickly with over excitation function even with no braking unit
  • Emergency stop function shuts off inverter output through hardware circuit 
  • Deceleration stops at power off
  • Overcurrent/ overvoltage suppress function contributes to stable & constant operation
  • Sequence operation through downloading to an inverter a program created with EzSQ (Easy Sequence) 
  • Exchange data between different inverters (Maximum 5 Inverters), synchronizing operation on conveyor, multi pump control 
  • No Derating when the ambient temperature is below 40*C
  •  Easy replacement of cooling fan 
  • Built in 2 pulse string input circuit saves costs for the whole system
  • Full Series built in braking units 
  • Password function protects parameters, preventing mal-functions 
  • Flexible electronic heat protection 
  • Incorporated with standard RS-485 Modbus RTU, able to connect with open network such as EtherCAT, CC-PROFINET (being developed). 
  • Register mapping function allows communication with no need to change the program in the upper computer, making it easier to replace the inverter 
  • Data transfer sequence of Modbus-RTU can be set to be applied to PLC communication protocol 





WJ200N Series Brochure



WJ200N Series Manual