Panel Mount Mass Flow Controller


Advanced Flow Control

Variety of functions offering equipment cost reduction. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Small and light mass flow controller, small and light panel mounting body contains a built-in miniature proportioning value, enabling full-automatized flow control 
  • Easy operation and easy mounting, operations are automatically done by MPC once flowrate is set. External set point change is easy, using optional analog setting input function or communication function 
  • High speed, high accuracy flow control unaffected by pressure and temperature fluctuations 
  • Variety of functions available as a standard, e.g. multi set point function, gas type switching, operation mode switching, slow start function, flowrate integration function, alarm indication/output/automatic shut-off, event indication/output, automatic shut-off function, valve drive output monitor, standard support of the loader communication & “OK” indication/output 





Panel Mount Mass Flow Controller Brochure