Massflow Sensor 


Compact & lightweight 

Miniature chips being picked up can be detected by Azbil’s original Microflow sensor. 

Features & Benefits 

  • 5ms high-speed response by a microflow sensor of Azbil’s original technology 
  • A larger output differential can be secured between pickup and non-pickup conditions when comparing with a standard pressure sensor 
  • Compact and lightweight allows the flow sensor to be installed anywhere and also just above the nozzle (direct mounting onto the air tube between nozzle & ejector), enabling the high response for detection of pickup 
  • Accurate detection is ensured by the MCS unique flow rate measurement system which is not influenced by suction pressure fluctuations like pressure sensors are 
  • Single setup control is possible at controller side due to an analog output signal even if pickup nozzle is changed. Filter clogging or nozzle deformation can be detected with flow rate at non-pickup state 
  • Both pickup and bringing-back of chip in the mounting process can be detected because the flow in both positive and reverse directions can be detected 





Massflow Sensor Brochure