Contact detection capability and high shock cushioning characteristics

A switch with excellent cushioning characteristics for contact and impact detection. 

Features & Benefits

  • A contact/collision detecting switch with excellent cushioning characteristics.
  • Customer requirements such as size and mounting shape can be accommodated with flexibility.
  • Custom manufacturing is possible according to the mounting shape and use environment requirements.
  • Buffer material with excellent cushioning characteristics.
  • Can be combined with an interface controller.
  • Employment of a bolt rail system permits on-site setup of the screw position (dispensing with the need to setup the screw position at the time of order).
  • An aluminum extrusion material employed as the base material for increased strength and precision.
  • Black and/or yellow single or two-color jacket.
  • The available sizes: 
    – SC-50(H・D: 50 mm each): Length 350 to 3,600mm
    – SC-100(H・D: 100 mm each): Length 450 to 3,600mm





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