Contact detection type switches provided with cushioning characteristics

A tape switch combined with a dedicated jacket to provide protection for the sensing object. 

Features & Benefits

  • Provisions for protecting the sensing object are implemented by covering a tape switch with a dedicated jacket. This also minimizes the damage to the tape switch itself, so that the durability of the edge switch is greatly enhanced.
  • Selectable from 8 types which differ in structure and size.
  • Easy installation using an aluminum channel.
  • 4-wire tape switches and terminating-register-integrated tape switches can be combined with an interface controller to provide wire-breaking detection capability.

Large Edge Switch 

  • Sensing section extends to the edges
  • Responds to loads from upward and downward diagonal directions
  • Usable in low-temperature environments down to -10°C
  • Choose from two aluminum channels (AC-395, AC-400) to suit the mounting method
    – The AC-395 allows stud mounting
    – The AC-400 allows for free on-site adjustment of the screw position (with the use of a bolt rail)
  • Large overstroke (sinking load) with a depth of 80 mm (87 mm for the AC-400)





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