For the control cabinet (IP20)



Fast data acquisition and easy handling – even in the toughest conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Increased machine output, thanks to particularly fast and synchronous signal acquisition.
  • Thanks to their particularly robust mechanical design as well as shock and vibration resistance, they can withstand even the toughest conditions and increase system availability.
  • Installation time is reduced, thanks to fast wiring and easy handling.
  • The Axioline F I/O system is part of the COMPLETE line system.


Robust and flexible I/O devices for your distributed signal acquisition.

Features & Benefits

  • Long service life and high system availability, thanks to the robust design and extended temperature ranges
  • Metal or plastic, modular or compact – the right housing for every installation location
  • Greater flexibility and wider range of functions, thanks to IO-Link communication


Implement your custom I/O solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum flexibility, thanks to a large selection of I/O terminals, function terminals, bus couplers, and controllers.
  • The narrow overall width and tailored number of channels of the I/O terminals save space in the control cabinet.
  • International approvals as well as safety and Ex i modules enable a wide range of applications.
  • Local bus extension to the field without additional bus couplers, thanks to the branch terminal.

Stand-alone IO-Link master

Pre-assembled devices with a block designcan be used to integrate a fixed numberofI/Os into your network or bus system.

Features & Benefits

  • Particularly space saving: just 55 mm tall and 95 or 156 mm wide.
  • Manage low numbers of I/Os cost-effectively.
  • Time savings as no configuration is required and installation is easy.
  • Separate module, sensor, and actuator supply increases system availability.

For the field installation (IP65/67) 


Axioline E

Fast installation and easy handling – even under the most adverse conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Save installation time, thanks to the SPEEDCON fast locking system.
  • Minimize downtimes, thanks to a high level of mechanical robustness.
  • A wide temperature range from -25°C to +60°C increases the variety of possible applications.
  • One cable for all supply voltages with 2x 12 A simplifies the cabling effort and saves installation time.
  • Greater flexibility, thanks to IO-Link communication.

Fieldline Modular 

Maximum freedom for field installation: Functional, customizable, and open-bus.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimum system planning through the use of a network-independent local bus structure.
  • Supply up to 16 local bus devices on one bus coupler, at an increased I/O volume for cost savings.
  • Increased flexibility when system planning, thanks to the integration option in the IP20 I/O Inline system.
  • Simplified ordering process, due to one-piece and complete devices.


Reduce your workload: mounting and handling made easy.

Features & Benefits

  • Save installation time, thanks to innovative connection technology.
  • Everything from a single source, thanks to the comprehensive product range.
  • Tool-free connection using the penetration technique.


Available for INTERBUS and PROFINET systems,  ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe communication even in environments subject to high levels of electromagnetic interference, thanks to data transmission via fiber optics. 
  • Snap-in mounting plate assembly without the use of tools makes installation easier. 
  • Particularly resistant to welding splash and mechanical damage.
  • Developed specifically for body shop requirements in the automotive industry.





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