Preventing failures

Always up to date, even without a constant connection.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced machine and system downtimes, thanks to automatic alerts via SMS and e-mail.
  • Decreased communication costs, thanks to event-driven alerts.
  • SMS alert in the event of power failure.
  • Versatile, as available as both an AC and DC version with extended voltage range.
  • Future-proof, thanks to 4G mobile technology (LTE).

Remote signaling and remote control system

Alerts and remote control via the mobile network
Use the mobile network, monitor analog and digital values, and switch relays remotely using the TC Mobile I/O product range.

Remote maintenance


Secure remote maintenance

Increased machine availability.

Features & Benefits

  • VPN infrastructure with IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) for operators, machine builders, and system manufacturers.
  • Secure and reliable, thanks to industry-proven mGuard technology.
  • Compatible with all mGuard security appliances and certified VPN clients.
  • Cloud-based remote maintenance with the mGuard Secure Cloud.

mGuard security routers

The TC MGUARD…security appliances are industrial mobile routers with mGuard technology. As such, the routers offer a remote maintenance infrastructure for the secure connection of machines and systems via the Internet.


TC CLOUD CLIENT via LAN and mobile network

The TC CLOUD CLIENT is positioned as a cost-effective field device for secure remote maintenance. The devices enable access to the mGuard Secure Cloud via the operator network or 4G mobile network.


Remote maintenance via the cloud,encrypted and secure 

Secure online remote maintenance of your machines with the mGuard Secure Cloud: the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of data transmitted between devices is ensured by IPsec VPN connections. The hosting service, operated in Germany, makes the cloud available worldwide.


Remote maintenance via the public telephone network

Phoenix Contact offers analog modems for temporary remote access to your remote machines and systems. They facilitate remote maintenance in the most far-flung corners of the world by the simplest means possible,namely, dial-up connection technology.

Remote Control


All options for remote control technology

Wireless and cable-based solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of transmission solutions for industrial communication from a single source.
  • Flexible selection based on economic or technical features.

Mobile routers

The TC ROUTER for mobile communication implements high-performance, high-speed data links of up to 150 Mbps via mobile 4G LTE networks. This enables you to establish a mobile broadband connection for highly flexible site networking even in places where a wired Internet connection is not available. These connections can be used to transmit sensitive data securely over mobile networks.


Protocol converter

The RESY GATE 3000 protocol converter enables the process connection of remote control stations with different protocols to an IEC 60870-5-101 or IEC 60870-5-104-based control system.


Serial quad band modem for GPRS and GSM

Send RS-232 data all around the world via the mobile network.