Barrier connection 

Wire conductors conveniently with ring cable lugs, and quickly and easily by means of Push-in.

Features & Benefits

  • Free choice of connection technology: meet requirements for internal and external wiring at the same time, thanks to different connection methods in a single terminal block.
  • Flexible setup in your application, thanks to various mounting options: DIN rail mounting or direct mounting.
  • Convenient ring cable lug: connection using the screw connection principle with spring-guided screw; maintenance-free with integrated screw locking.
  • Easy and tool-free direct insertion, thanks to Push-in multi-conductor connection.
  • Easy potential distribution with time-saving plug-in bridge system – maximum overview, thanks to large-surface marking.
  • Safety for users, thanks to integrated touch protection.
  • Reduction in logistics costs, thanks to the uniform CLIPLINE complete system accessories.

Feed-through terminal blocks 

Connect two conductors with ease with the space-saving feed-through terminal blocks.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to operate and use thanks to rugged bolt connection.
  • Universal use thanks to large cross section range.
  • Space saving thanks to compact design.

Ground terminal blocks 

Simply snap onto the DIN rail to create the PE connection.

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving thanks to compact design.
  • Easy operation and use: can be snapped onto the DIN rail.
  • Modular expansion thanks to feed-through and ground terminal blocks of the same shape.

Plug-in test system 

The FAME test system simplifies the regular testing of power switchgear.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy and time-saving, thanks to functional grouping of switching operations.
  • Maximum safety, thanks to leading and automatic transformer short circuit.
  • Cost-effective, thanks to the tailored, modular design and use of standardized accessories.
  • Space-saving, thanks to compact plug-in test sockets and offset test socket arrangement.
  • Flexible, thanks to freedom of choice between wall or DIN rail mounting when using the standardized CLIPLINE complete system accessories.
  • Safety for users, thanks to integrated touch protection.
  • Clear, thanks to the large-surface marking options and easily identifiable switching states.

Test disconnect terminal blocks

Compact terminal blocks for easily designing current transformer and voltage transducer measuring sets to your own requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy and safe operation thanks to clear indication of switching states.
  • Maximum functionality – up to six universal function shafts for potential distribution or test purposes.
  • Modular expansion thanks to feed-through and ground terminal blocks of the same shape.
  • Optimum overview of connections thanks to large-surface marking options.