Motor and machine management 

Detect all critical load states and accurately measure power from motors and machines.

Features & Benefits 

  • Integrated full motor protection, thanks to bimetal function and thermistor evaluation.
  • Protection of high-quality system parts, thanks to freely configurable signaling and switching thresholds.
  • Production data and energy data acquisition without the need for complex sensors.
  • DIN rail connector interface for direct connection and transmission of process data.
  • Increased system availability, thanks to service intervals based on process data.
  • Flexible use in the central control cabinet and in the decentral control box.
  • Motor and machine managers are a part of the COMPLETE line system.

Motor starters 

Switch and reverse motors quickly and reliably with compact hybrid motor starters.

Features & Benefits 

  • Less space required, thanks to the slim design: 22.5 mm overall width.
  • High system availability, thanks to 10 times longer service life with hybrid technology.
  • Fast wiring, thanks to integrated locking circuit and load wiring.
  • Adjustable motor protection with bimetal function up to 9 A.
  • Flexible and straightforward fieldbus connection with a suitable gateway.
  • Easy group shutdown via DIN rail connectors after an emergency stop, thanks to an upstream safety relay.
  • Motor starters are a part of the COMPLETE line system.

Power distribution board for hybrid motor starters 

The DIN rail with built-in power distribution.

Features & Benefits 

  • No need for 3 separate AC feed-ins per device – phase rotation is not possible.
  • Quick, complete out-of-the-box system.
  • Compact design compared to conventional power distribution.

Solid-state contactors 

Solid-state contactors – silent and reliable for every AC voltage network

Features & Benefits 

  • Reliable and fast switching, thanks to wear-free electronics.
  • Robust – resistant to shocks and vibrations.
  • Easy wiring, thanks to integrated locking circuit and load wiring.
  • Switching capacity up to 18.5 kW.
  • Direct start and reversing of three-phase asynchronous motors.