Component terminal blocks 

Fitted or for assembly: with component terminal blocks you can perform any switching task.

Features & Benefits

  • A wide range of products thanks to various designs with LEDs, blocking diodes or resistors.
  • Clear identification and reduced faulty wiring thanks to circuit diagram printing.
  • Space saving thanks to compact design.

Disconnect and knife disconnect block 

Localize malfunctions quickly and easily and perform off-load maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient separation of circuits using lever-type disconnect knife, isolating plug or rotary contact.
  • User-friendly current measurement thanks to testing facility on both sides of the disconnect point.
  • Safe operation since the disconnect lever is latched into the end positions.
  • Clear identification of the disconnect point with color marking.
  • Individual assembly with disconnect element, fuse plug, component plug, and feed-through connector.

Feed-through terminal blocks 

Connect two conductors with ease with the space-saving feed-through terminal blocks.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to operate and use thanks to patented insulation displacement contact.
  • Universal use thanks to large cross section range.
  • Space saving thanks to compact design.

Fuse terminal blocks 

Fuse carrier and potential distributor combined in one terminal block.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple potential distribution thanks to continuous function shafts.
  • User-friendly testing of fuses thanks to test connection on both sides.
  • Quick identification of faulty fuses regardless of the current direction thanks to LED status indicator.

Ground terminal blocks 

Simply snap onto the DIN rail to create the PE connection.

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving thanks to compact design.
  • Easy operation and use: can be snapped onto the DIN rail.
  • Modular expansion thanks to feed-through and ground terminal blocks of the same shape.

Hybrid terminal blocks 

One terminal block – two connection methods. Benefit from the advantages of both technologies.

Features & Benefits

  • Meet requirements for internal and external wiring at the same time thanks to different connection methods in a single terminal block.
  • Free choice of connection technology thanks to two combination options.
  • Space saving thanks to compact design.
  • Uniform distances from cable ducts – feed-through and ground terminal blocks of the same shape.

Multi- conductor terminal blocks 

Multi-conductor terminal blocks allow you to distribute potentials at low cost while saving space.

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving thanks to multi-conductor connection.
  • Distribution option with more positions thanks to simple bridging in the function shafts.
  • Maximum clarity thanks to large marking surfaces.

Multi-level terminal blocks 

Multi-level terminal blocks allow you to increase wiring density, even when space is limited.

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving since up to three potentials are possible within one terminal housing.
  • Simple potential distribution thanks to function shafts on each level.
  • Clear arrangement thanks to labeling of all terminal points.

Plug-in terminal block

Build switchgears in a modular and time-saving manner – both for signal and power wiring.

Features & Benefits

  • A nominal current of 17.5 A and a nominal voltage of 500 V can be realized thanks to the powerful plug-in contact.
  • Maximum safety thanks to touch-proof design.
  • Protection against incorrect connection thanks to individual coding options.
  • Simple potential distribution thanks to double function shaft.
  • Vibration resistance: latching accessories available.