Copper Transmission 


Copper Transmission 

Higher performance for your fieldbus networks. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Increase in performance due to a range increase and segmentation.
  • Use any two-wire lines to increase the range with the extenders.
  • Network extension due to signal processing with the repeaters.


The performance and availability of bus systems can be significantly increased by using repeaters. In addition to electrical isolation, bus segmentation with repeaters makes it possible to multiply the permissible coverage of the network and to extend the number of devices.



The PSI-TERMINATOR-PB-T BUS active termination resistor ensures interference-free communication in PROFIBUS and RS-485 networks.


Interface isolator RS-232/RS-232

The RS-232 interface is an asymmetric voltage interface (common signal ground for all signals). As well as having a very low signal power, the signal ground is connected to ground potential. This results in very little immunity to interference and a maximum range of 15 m.



Network PROFIBUS or serial devices that are up to 20 km away from each other via existing copper cables, e.g., using in-house telephone lines. Special Ethernet or fiber optic cables are not required.

Media Converters


Interference-free systems

Extreme EMC influences no longer present a problem. Thanks to fiber optic technology, you can achieve maximum interference immunity for practically any transmission system.

Features & Benefits 

  • Integrated optical diagnostics via bar graph display.
  • Early warning alarm issued in the event of a drop in transmission quality, with floating switch contact.
  • Use in potentially explosive areas approved for zone 2.
  • Modular station structure: automatic cross-wiring via DIN rail.
  • Maximum transmission distances with an extremely high data rate, thanks to fiber optic technology.

FO converters for PROFIBUS

The PSI-MOS-PROFIB/FO…devices convert copper-based PROFIBUS interfaces to fiber optics.


FO converters for DeviceNet™ and CANopen®

The PSI-MOS-DNET… fiber optic transmission system enables Device Net™and CANopen®users to benefit from simple and interference-free networking based on fiber optics. In addition, bus cable short circuits only affect the specific potential segment concerned. This increases overall availability, and improves flexibility when designing the bus topology. The use of fiber optic technology enables branch lines and star and tree structures to be created.


FO converters for RS-485 2-wire bus systems

The RS-485 2-wire interface is the most widely used interface in the field of automation technology. Well-known bus systems, such as SUCONET K, Modbus-ASCII, Modbus/RTU, S-BUS, and DH-485,are all based on this interface, as are many other company-specific bus systems.


FO converters for INTERBUS, RS-422,and RS-485 4-wire bus systems

The PSI-MOS-RS422/FO…devices are used for converting INTERBUS interfaces to fiber optics.


FO converters for RS-232 (V.24)

Due to its electrical properties, the RS-232 interface is very susceptible to electromagnetic interference and potential differences. For this reason, it can only be used for short distances of up to max. 15 m.


Fiber optic installation technology

Fiber optic data transmission in the industrial field has become increasingly important in recent years. In particularly critical applications with very high requirements regarding availability it has become standard. This is due to the many advantages that fiber optic data transmission has over traditional copper systems.

Installation Technology


Convenient and suitable for the field

Cables, connectors, and tools for easy and fast installation.

Features & Benefits 

  • Installation system adapted for devices in the control cabinet and for field devices with a high degree of protection.
  • Easy assembly of FO cables in the field.
  • Pre-assembled, tested cables for quick, error-free installation.

PROFIBUS cables and fast connection tool for SUBCON-PLUS-PROFIBUS

If the Fast Connect cable PSM-CABLE-PROFIB/FC is used,work is reduced to a minimum by using the quick stripping tool.


RS-485 connection distributor

If spur connections or a star distribution are to be made in a bus system, the RS-485 connection distributors come to your aid.


SUBCON-PLUS-M12 fast connection

The SUBCON-PLUS fast connectors with M12 connection ensure error-free installation of bus systems, thanks to the use of fully-tested components such as cables and connectors.



The D-SUB series,SUBCON-PLUS-PROFIB/…was specially designed for use in PROFIBUS systems up to 12 Mbps.Under field conditions, it allows convenient and fast connection of the incoming and outgoing bus cable.


SUBCON-PLUS-CAN D-SUB fast connection

The SUBCON-PLUS-CAN/, D-SUB series is specifically designed for use in CAN systems. Under field conditions, it enables the quick and easy connection of the incoming and outgoing bus line.



Networking field devices

Communicate easily and flexibly between the field device and controller.

Features & Benefits 

  • The modular design ensures flexibility for future expansion of your system.
  • Converting slow HART signals to Ethernet provides you with fast access to your data.
  • Integrate up to 20 available analog or digital I/O signals into a single PROFIBUS PA device.
  • Gateways are part of the COMPLETE line system.

Device couplers for the field 

The fieldbus device couplers are suitable for FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA.They provide an interface between the fieldbus trunk line and field devices. The compact width on the DIN rail reduces the required dimensions and weight of the field housing.


Field Junction Boxes

The FB product range was designed specifically to meet the tough requirements of the process environment. This includes various approvals for installation in Zone 2 or Division 2 hazardous locations.


Device couplers for the field 

The fieldbus device couplers are suitable for FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA.They provide an interface between the fieldbus trunk line and field devices. The compact width on the DIN rail reduces the required dimensions and weight of the field housing.


Ethernet HART 

Transmit critical HART process data over Ethernet networks with the multiplexer. In addition to the high Ethernet speed,benefit from the additional transmission of secondary process data.


Field diagnostic modules for FOUNDATION Fieldbus 

Reads physical layer diagnostics in the field; segment voltage, noise and signal being monitored easily.


Power supply

Each DIN rail-mounted fieldbus power supply provides high-integrity power for one H1 segment. Built-in termination resistors enable digital communication and DC power to co-exist on a pair of wires.



The PROFIBUS DP/PA coupler provides a powerful and reliable interface to connect PROFIBUS DP to the PROFIBUS PA process fieldbus network.

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PROFIBUS PA I/O multiplexer 

Analog and digital I/Os are integrated within a PROFIBUS PA system via a PA headstation, Radioline I/O modules, and the four-channel NAMUR digital input module. 


Modbus and HART gateways for PROFIBUS DP/PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Use the Modbus and HART gateways to connect Modbus/RTU or HART devices to the FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS DP,and PROFIBUS PA process fieldbuses.